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Zonia's Rain Forest

Juana Martinez-Neal
SKU: A781536208450

We have a limited amount of signed first edition, first printing copies of Zonia's Rain Forest, signed on a title page by author and illustrator Juana Martinez-Neal.

"The opening line “Zonia lives with those she loves in the rain forest” whispers a simple definition of family and home that permeates this story. During her morning check-ins with the animals, Zonia discovers a clearcut patch. Zonia not only springs into action but implores us all to take responsibility for safeguarding this precious land. Martinez-Neal’s deeply textured paintings on banana-bark paper beckon us, and endnotes introduce us to the Asháninka people, the largest indigenous group in the Peruvian Amazon." - Michelle, Bookshop Santa Cruz Staff


Price: $17.99
First Edition, First Printing, Signed Title Page