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David Mitchell
SKU: A780812997439

We have signed copies available of Utopia Avenue, signed on a tip-in page by author David Mitchell.

"A big cast of characters, colorful prose, a sweeping narrative that spans generations, continents, and dimensions; David Mitchell is back. It’s London, 1967, and the music scene is on fire. Brought together by a manager with a dream to create the perfect band, Utopia Avenue enters the inferno. The four band members, each with their own distinct parlance, take turns narrating. While at first this book seems a bit tamer than his previous work, Mitchell’s fans will not be surprised when the plot takes a mystical turn. Once again, I found myself drawn into Mitchell’s multiverse, a spectacular place where everyone and everything is connected and reality is not what it seems." - Jade, Bookshop Santa Cruz Staff


Price: $30.00
First US Edition, First Printing, Tip-In