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The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

New is paperback; this is the perfect Book Group read—I quickly fell under the spell of this memoir. Working in publishing for years, Schwalbe was always a devoted reader, but when his mother is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, reading takes on a whole new meaning. While waiting together through numerous doctor visits and hospital stays, Will and his mother discussed books they had each been reading and began to exchange titles—thus creating the "End of Your Life Book Club”. There is a candid honesty in this memoir that makes one feel like an interloper on two wonderful conversationalists. And while this memoir certainly serves as a eulogy to Will’s mother, as she is so deftly captured, it is also a book about love—the love between family, the love of faith and dialog, of authors and story, and ultimately the love of reading and the way it transcends so much. This is one of those reads that sticks with you because of its layered gifts—any Book Group will take this book and feel grateful, as Schwalbe speaks at both personal and prose level.
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ISBN: 9780307739780
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Published: Vintage - June 4th, 2013