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Sister Cities Committee

May 2010's Trusted Source Partner was 
the City of Santa Cruz Sister Cities Committee. 

President Eisenhower officially proclaimed the establishment of the People-to-People Program (later to be known as the Sister City Program) in 1956 to promote understanding and strengthen international ties. To accomplish this goal, Sister Cities International has helped to link many U.S. cities and towns with localities abroad. These city to city affiliations provide the opportunity to build friendships, learn about other cultures, and foster international understanding.


Borderland, A Journey through the History of Ukraine
by Anna Reid  
A spirited survey of the history and traditions of Ukraine. A must read for understanding the region including the Crimea. Current events in Ukraine make it compelling and timely.
 -Raisa Kikteva, Sister Cities Committee


by Yukio Mishima
Mishima’s works were recommended to me while living in Japan. This short story is said to be his favorite. It is a powerful and graphic portrayal of patriotism in the samurai tradition. The prose is simple and artful.
 -Martha Mangan, Sister Cities Committee 


La Bella Figura, A Field Guide to the Italian Mind
by Beppe Severgnini  
A bestseller in Italy and a witty guide to Italian character and passion. Fun to read and a wonderful insight to the culture. Brought back fond memories of Sestri’s delightful people.
 -Bill Denevan, Sister Cities Committee  


The Jaguar Smile, A Nicaraguan Journey
by Salman Rushdie  
Explores the geopolitics, poetry, and the people of Nicaragua during an extremely turbulent time of revolution. A cultural and historical portrait helpful to understanding Nicaragua. Highly recommended.
Jade Taylor, Sister Cities Committee 


Tropical Nature
by Adrian Forsyth and Ken Miyata  
Wonderfully helpful with its advice on tropical travel, this lively field guide presented as 17 essays is engaging and easy to read. Written by two field biologists with humor and wonder for the tropics, you’ll know more about the ecology of rainforests than you thought possible.
 -Martha Mangan, Sister Cities Committee