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Seeing as Your Shoes Are Soon to Be on Fire--SIGNED BY AUTHOR (IN PERSON)

Liza Monroy
SKU: A781593766498

We now have signed first edition, first printing copies available of Seeing as Your Shoes Are Soon to Be on Fire: Essays, signed in-person by author Liza Monroy.

"My hope is renewed - that being single as I approach 30 is fine, fulfilling, and probably for the best. Reading Liza Monroy's hilarious new collection of biographical essays about her (many) foiled and fraught romance endeavors - from cringe-worthy to downright dangerous - is both a pleasure and a relief. Inspired by her controlling yet caring mother (a State Department immigration profiler), Monroy takes a retrospective look at modern love, reaffirming that I'd rather be alone than in a not-quite-right relationship." - Julia, Bookshop Santa Cruz staff

Price: $16.95
First Edition, First Printing, Signed In-Person