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Young Reviewers Program

Q.What is a Young Reviewer?
A.  A Young Reviewer is a student in grades 4-8 who loves to read books and share them with other students. They are given advance copies of books by Bookshop Santa Cruz and then write reviews for the store.

Q.How do I get a book?
A.Send an email to: or call 460-3251.

Q.What do I do with the book after I write the review?
A.You can keep the book after the review.

Q.What does Bookshop do with my review?
A.Bookshop will use the review as a shelf talker. The shelf talker is placed on the shelf next to the book here in the store. The review will help kids who come to the store choose a book they might enjoy. Bookshop may also use the review in some of our publications.

Q.How long should the review be?
A.The review should be three sentences. The first two should be what you liked about the book. The third sentence should be who you would recommend the book to. (For anyone who loves a good mystery, People who love dogs would love this book.)

Q.What should I write in the review?
A.Fill out the top of the yellow card with the book title and the author. Then add three sentences as to why you would recommend it to a friend. There is a spot on the card for your first name and age so people know who wrote the review.

Q.Should I print the review?
A.The reviews should be in your own handwriting and put on the Young Reviewer Card that will come with each book. You can either write directly on the card or on another piece of paper that you glue to the card.

Q.Who do I give the review to when I am done?
A.Turn in the review to the information desk at Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Q.What should I do if I do not like the book?
A.Everyone has different book taste it is ok not to like every book. If you do not like the book you should not write a review. Simply return the book to the information desk at Bookshop and we will let another reviewer see if they like it. We will get different book to you as they become available.