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Randall Grahm

October 2010's Trusted Source Partner is 
Randall Grahm

Randall Grahm is the winemaker and self-described  "President-for-Life" of Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz, where he has been toiling in the aforesaid vineyard for almost thirty years. He is very interested in the intersection of language and the fermented grape. 


Find the rest of his biography on and don't miss his blog at 

Randall Grahm is also the author of the James Beard Award-winning book, Been Doon So Long.

"Long a fan of Bonny Doon, it cheered me to find Randall Grahm's writing just as irreverent and delicious as his approach to wine."--Kathleen Flinn, author of The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry


Randall Grahm recommends the following books:

The Accidental Connoisseur
by Lawrence Osborne

This book should not be read by someone looking for a wine primer - it will pose more questions than it answers. But the writing is fabulous, funny and sweet; Osborne is inquisitive, open-minded and knows what he doesn't know. The book was critically acclaimed and won all sorts of awards.


Reading Between the Wines
by Terry Theise

Just recently published, this is a slim volume but very passionately written and very personal.  Terry Theise is a great advocate for wines that express a sense of place and for the passionate individuals who make them.  Terry one of the wine world's most thoughtful and funniest characters; this book has been awaited with great anticipation and is a real gem.


Untrodden Grapes
by Ralph Steadman

Don't buy this for the words - Ralph can certainly gas on - but the illustrations are absolutely amazing, mind-bending, witty, hysterical, each priceless in its own way.  Ralph is a master caricaturist and satirist; in the very stuffy, pretentious world of wine, there is a lot to satirize.


The Science of Wine
by Jamie Goode

Wine people are very opinionated; unfortunately, very few have much understanding of the basic science that might actually support their opinions.  This book is clearly written, and will not be daunting to the lay-person.  It is an invaluable contribution to oenophiles  sincerely interested in the science of wine above and beyond the romance.

Biodynamic Wine Demystified
by Nicolas Joly

Nicolas Joly, the charismatic Godfather of Biodynamic wine is a brilliant polymath and writes passionately about this timely subject.  His previous English language book, so dreadfully translated, was little better than a machine-translation - very frustrating to the non-francophone.  This volume should persuade doubters that Biodynamic winegrowers are not mad cultists baying at the moon.

The World Atlas of Wine
by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinso

This is the Bible, the one book that anyone passionate about wine must have. Jancis Robinson has updated this classic; lushly and beautifully illustrated and eye-candy for cartophiles (map freaks).