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June 2010's Trusted Source Partner is 
KUSP Central Coast Public Radio. 


KUSP is an independent, non-profit community radio station serving listeners in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, and South Santa Clara counties. Now in its 37th year of operation, KUSP serves 40,000 listeners per week with a distinctive mix of news/information, music and cultural programming. KUSP’s volunteer programmers produce seventy percent of KUSP’s schedule. The balance is made up of leading nationally-distributed public radio programs such as NPR’s Morning Edition, PRI’s This American Life, and Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now.

KUSP Poetry Show host Dennis Morton recommends

Staying Alive: Real Poems for Unreal Times
by Neil Astley

The best anthology of contemporary poetry in English I know. To read it is todiscover, or rediscover, dozens of fabulous poets and poems.Astley is a man of wide and exquisite taste. Staying Alive is a great book. -Dennis 

Kelly O'Brien, producer of KUSP's Life in the Fast Lane and host of Talk ofthe Bay recommends 

The Once and Future King
by T.H. White 

My favorite book of all time is The Once and Future King, by T.H. White, which I first read when I was 19. At that time, our country was embroiled in the Vietnam war and making sense of how things could go so wrong was not an easy task for a young person. The Once and Future King is a version of the Arthurian legend and tragedy, to which the author imparts immeasurably beauty. The book has depth and at the same time, is a delight to read. You could say that The Once and Future King is a children's book. My experience is that it will bring out the youth in readers of any age. -Kelly

Rick Kleffel host of KUSP's The Agony Column recommends

For the Win
by Cory Doctorow

Doctorow writes a ripping yarn about teenaged gold farmers in online video games organizing to create a new kind of labor union. It's a fast paced story with a fascinating backdrop and entertaining thoughts on economic theory, the politics of labor, and even reality itself. Funny, engaging and thought-provoking. -Rick

Recommended by KUSP

Splay Anthem
by Nathaniel Mackey 

The National Book Foundation had this to say about Splay Anthem, when it awarded it's author, Santa Cruz local and KUSP volunteer Nathaniel Mackey, the National Book Award: "Part antiphonal rant, part rhythmic whisper,Nathaniel Mackey's new collection takes the reader to uncharted poetic spaces, forming the next installment of two ongoing serial poems Mackey has been writing for over twenty years: Song of the Andoumboulou and 'Mu'".

Recommended by KUSP

Footnotes in Gaza
by Joe Sacco 

Joe Sacco has helped invent a new genre: comic-book journalism. He's reported from Sarajevo during the Bosnian War and from the Palestinian Territories during the two Intifadas. His latest book explores the roots ofconflict in Gaza. Sacco has been a guest both on KUSP's 7th Avenue Project with Robert Pollie and on Your Call.

Lyle Troxell, host of KUSP's Geek Speak recommends

Made by Hand
by Mark Frauenfelder

Our world isfull of stuff that you buy, use briefly, and dispose of. Don't. Embrace the junk, figure out how to suck one more use out of it. Turn off your computer and build a chicken coop. Mark is a publisher, editor, writer and geek who embraces some change in his life and shares it in this fun book. For me this book is a bit of kismet. I have interviewed Mark a few times for GeekSpeak always enjoying our discussions about Make Magazine and the Maker Fair and now I find myself reading his chapter on raising baby dinosaurs as my chicken coop takes form out my window. -Lyle