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Greetings from Casey and the Bookshop Family: October, 2018

Dear Readers,

I am a book voyeur. I often think about those silly movies where someone (usually of the opposite sex) can hear the thoughts of others and it gives them a (so-called) profound sense of human nature. Funny enough, I don’t have much interest in hearing the inner thoughts of my husband, but I do have daydreams about hearing the inner thoughts of book buyers as they make their selections. Why did they pick that book vs. the other one? What was it on the back cover that grabbed someone’s attention? What moved that book group to make that selection?

It is the book group world where I think about this the most. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of local book groups to see what they are reading, what they loved (or hated), and how they talk about books. In certain moments, I wonder about how many book groups could I possibly join and stay sane. Instead of that route (although I confess I still daydream about it), we decided that Bookshop needed a book group program that went to the heart of what makes local book groups tick.

This month Bookshop Santa Cruz launched our first ever Book Group Ambassador Program. We want local book lovers to apply to become a Book Group Ambassador. In a volunteer position, you would take your passion and knowledge of books and then get behind-the-scenes exclusive information that our book buyers usually get--access to advanced reading copies, presentations from publisher sales reps to hear about the hot new books, internal sources to know book buzz--so that you could share that information with local book groups. In return, you’d write recommendations of books for our book group emails, pitch a book or two at our quarterly book group mixers, hold 1-2 “trunk shows” a year for local book groups, and reach out to a select number of book groups to understand what they need. I like to think of it as the best part of Bookshop--learning about great books and then sharing that love of books to others.A white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a purple dress, holding a stack of books in front of a book shelf and smiling at the camera.

To learn more and apply, click here. It would be so fun to talk books with you!

Casey Coonerty Protti


Bookshop Santa Cruz