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Dirty Girl Produce


For our spring 2011 Trusted Source Program we asked Dirty Girl Produce for their recommendations.

The farm is split between two of the best growing areas of the Bay Area—Santa Cruz’s banana belt, where the weather is relatively hot and dry in the summer and La Selva Beach where there is a stronger coastal influence. This mild climate enables most Santa Cruz farmers to grow vegetables almost year round without having to worry about bolting in the summer and freezing in the winter. The river bed soil is some of the most fertile in Northern California.
Dirty Girl Produce can be found at these Farmers’ Markets:
Santa Cruz West Side, Saturday 9am-1pm
Santa Cruz Live Oak, Sunday 9am-1pm
Santa Cruz Downtown, Wednesday 2:30pm-6:30pm
San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market, Thursday 10am-2pm, Saturday 8am-2pm
Jack London Square Market, Oakland Sunday 9am-2pm.

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Dirty Joe
Farm owner Joe Schirmer grew up in Santa Cruz and began working at Dirty Girl Produce in 1997, eventually buying the farm in 1999. A graduate of both UCSC and the UCSC Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Program, Joe worked on several farms before ending up back in Santa Cruz. Joe expanded the business from 3 to 12 acres, selling year round at farmers markets, and adding several items to the growing list including strawberries and Early Girl dry farmed tomatoes. Joe currently sits on the board of directors for CUESA (Center for Urban Education on Sustainable Agriculture) which runs the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and is current President of the board of directors for the SCCFM (Santa Cruz Community Farmers Markets).

The Art of Simple Food
by Alice Waters

My wife uses this cookbook almost every day. It’s full of delicious recipes for cooking your farmers’ market produce.  

The Foodie Handbook
by Pim Techamuanvivit

Pim has a contagious enthusiasm for good food. In addition to knowing about the best food in almost every country in the world, she’s also a regular at the Santa Cruz Wednesday farmers market.  

Let My People Go Surfing 
by Yvon Chouinard

As a small business owner constantly balancing the challenges of environmental stewardship and making a profit, this book by Yvon Chouinard has inspired me to dig deeper into myself and let my business reflect my core values. 

by Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond gives us incredible insights into the downfall of past civilizations that have made critical errors in land management. This book made me realize that environmentalism is more of a survival strategy rather than just a trend.  

Food Rules
by Michael Pollan

An easy to use guide that brings up all the political points of eating food. Read one rule a day instead of looking at your horoscope.

Joe Schirmer, Dirty Girl Produce