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Girl in the Dark: A Memoir (Hardcover)

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Staff Reviews

I read this powerful memoir on the bus, on my couch sprawled in the sunshine, in bed with a small reading lamp. Anna Lyndsey does not have that luxury--in 2005, she developed an extreme and painful sensitivity to light, and has since lived day-to-day in the carefully maintained darkness of a pitch-black house. Her tale has all the lyricism and flow of a novel, but is so much more brutal because it is true. I can't stop thinking about this one, especially when I blow out the candles at night.

— Andrea

In the quarter-age of her active, career-oriented, ordinary city life, Anna Lyndsey suddenly must flee into darkness. Severe photo-sensitivity forces her out of her job and home and body as she knew it—into twilight at the best of times, and a completely blacked-out bedroom at the worst. And yet, despite the extraordinary circumstances of her life, Lyndsey’s memoir is neither constantly heavy-hearted nor devastated—because of Pete, Lyndsey’s “person I love.” Girl in the Dark grates wit and tenderness against the starkness of very literal loneliness and pain. Lyndsey’s solitude is so real, her fear and shock so big, but her quirky humor and the warmth of Pete’s steady love become what’s most poignant in this absorbing memoir.

— Julia

Brilliantly, beautifully written, Lyndsey takes the reader on a maddening journey through her rare affliction of the skin. When she finds that her skin reacts to all forms of light, Lyndsey must retreat to a fortress of darkness as she struggles to find a cure. Through creative tactics and unflinching resolve, she pushes forward, ever seeking the light at the end of her dark tunnel.

— Sara


Haunting, lyrical, unforgettable, Girl in the Dark is a brave new memoir of a life without light.

Anna Lyndsey wasyoung andambitious and worked hard; she had just bought an apartment; she was falling in love. Then what started as a mildintoleranceto certain kinds of artificiallight developed into a severe sensitivity to all light.
Now, at the worst times, Annais forced tospend months on end in a blacked-out room, where she losesherself in audiobooks and elaborate word games in an attempt to ward off despair. During periods of relative remission, she can venture out cautiouslyat dawn and dusk into a world that, from the perspective of her cloistered existence, is filled with remarkable beauty. Andthrough it all there isPete, her love and her rock, without whomherloneliness seems boundless.
One day Anna had an ordinary life, and then the unthinkable happened. But even impossible lives, she learns, endure. Girl in the Dark is a tale of an unimaginable fate that becomes a transcendent love story. It brings us to an extraordinary place fromwhich we emerge to see the lightand the world anew.

About the Author

Anna Lyndsey is a pen name. Lyndsey worked for several years in London as a civil servant until she became ill. She now lives in Hampshire, England.

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ISBN: 9780385539609
ISBN-10: 0385539606
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2015
Pages: 272
Language: English
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