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Seveneves: A Novel (Hardcover)

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Everything I love about Stephenson’s writing is here—the compelling characters, the intense action, and the in-depth engagement with technology—except now it’s the end of the world. The moon has shattered, the debris are going to wipe the earth clean, and humanity has roughly two years to get it together to send something—anything—up into space to survive. This incredible book covers the nail-biting venture to create sustainable life beyond Earth’s atmosphere and then jumps far into the future to survey the results—plus, we’re talking about humanity so of course politics and ambition do as much damage as any bolide strike. The first portion of the book feels somewhat like watching the movie Gravity with a group of astronauts to explain the technology to you, the second section has echoes of Ringworld or Brin's classic SciFi works. I loved the strong, complex females in this novel--they are a varied, complicated, and diverse group that make this story simply fantastic.

— Nici

Seveneves is part disaster novel, part Science Fiction. It starts with the heart-stopping moment when the moon explodes and takes us through a rough and tumble ride to save the human race. It is an epic that spans thousands of years and takes many surprising turns along the way. It is definitely one I recommend.

— Ivy


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Anathem, Reamde, and Cryptonomicon comes an exciting and thought-provoking science fiction epic—a grand story of annihilation and survival spanning five thousand years.

What would happen if the world were ending?

A catastrophic event renders the earth a ticking time bomb. In a feverish race against the inevitable, nations around the globe band together to devise an ambitious plan to ensure the survival of humanity far beyond our atmosphere, in outer space.

But the complexities and unpredictability of human nature coupled with unforeseen challenges and dangers threaten the intrepid pioneers, until only a handful of survivors remain . . .

Five thousand years later, their progeny—seven distinct races now three billion strong—embark on yet another audacious journey into the unknown . . . to an alien world utterly transformed by cataclysm and time: Earth.

A writer of dazzling genius and imaginative vision, Neal Stephenson combines science, philosophy, technology, psychology, and literature in a magnificent work of speculative fiction that offers a portrait of a future that is both extraordinary and eerily recognizable. As he did in Anathem, Cryptonomicon, the Baroque Cycle, and Reamde, Stephenson explores some of our biggest ideas and perplexing challenges in a breathtaking saga that is daring, engrossing, and altogether brilliant.

About the Author

Neal Stephenson is the bestselling author of the novels Reamde, Anathem, The System of the World, The Confusion, Quicksilver, Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac, and the groundbreaking nonfiction work In the Beginning . . . Was the Command Line. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Praise For…

“No slim fables or nerdy novellas for Stephenson: his visions are epic, and he requires whole worlds-and, in this case, solar systems-to accommodate them....Wise, witty, utterly well-crafted science fiction.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Stephenson’s remarkable novel is deceptively complex, a disaster story and transhumanism tale that serves as the delivery mechanism for a series of technical and sociological visions… there’s a ton to digest, but Stephenson’s lucid prose makes it worth the while.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The huge scope and enormous depth of the latest novel from Stephenson is impressive… a major work of hard sf that all fans of the genre should read.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“Well-paced over three parts covering 5,000 years of humanity’s future, Stephenson’s monster of a book is likely to dominate your 2015 sf-reading experience.”

“[Stephenson] plays with hard ballistics, hard genetics, hard sociology. And what thrills me, is that he makes it interesting. That he makes life and death in space about actual life and death .”
— NPR Books

“Written in a wry, erudite voice...Seveneves will please fans of hard science fiction, but this witty, epic tale is also sure to win over readers new to Stephenson’s work.”
Washington Post

Seveneves offers at once [Stephenson’s] most conventional science-fiction scenario and a superb exploration of his abiding fascination with systems, philosophies and the limits of technology.… Stephenson’s central characters, mostly women, serve as a welcome corrective to science-fiction clichés.”
Chicago Tribune

Seveneves can be fascinating. . . . Insights into the human character shine like occasional full moons.”
Boston Globe

“[A] novel of big ideas, but it’s also a novel of personalities, of heart, and of a particular kind of hope that only comes from a Stephenson story. Science fiction fans everywhere will love this book.”

“Stephenson… knows the life-sustaining power of storytelling, since storytelling is what he does…Today’s post-apocalyptic stories routinely aim to convey the loss of the old world through the personal losses of a few characters. Stephenson makes you feel the loss of Earth on the scale it deserves.”
— Salon

“This is hard sci-fi in a real and welcome sense, ruled by unremitting physical laws, unlike the negotiable rules of the action thriller.”
— Nature

“Stephenson’s storytelling style combines the conversational and the panoramic, allowing him to turn his piercing gaze on the familiar aspects of a strange future, encompassing the barely conceivable detail by detail.”
— Seattle Times

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ISBN: 9780062190376
ISBN-10: 0062190377
Publisher: William Morrow
Publication Date: May 19th, 2015
Pages: 880
Language: English
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