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What to Read After Goodnight Moon

There’s so much to love about Goodnight Moon, but here are some of our new favorite board books. There are two dreamy books about animals going to sleep that are worthy of night-after-night reading, two Andy Warhol (what? Andy Warhol?!) explorations of feelings and colors, and two bilingual board books that showcase vibrant Mexican folk art from Oaxaca. Also spend some time with the utterly charming and whimsical Oliver Jeffers’ book about a kite stuck in a tree, or Shelley Gill’s splashy rhymes naming an ocean-full of whale species. And from Heyday, a Native Californian press, Discovering Nature’s Alphabet brings our magical ecosystems to life in a journey of discovery. ABCs—found letters—appear in leaves, curving seedpods, bright yellow banana slugs, and rocky trails. It’s the perfect teaching tool for a budding naturalist.

These books were featured in our 2017 Summer Newsletter.


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